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Stupid Beer Tricks

I love stories like the one I’m about to share.  They’re the sort of tales that make points that are so blindingly obvious it makes my job as your friendly screed-writer extremely easy.  Well talk about a few of them in a minute but first, the details.

Draft A Bud

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Our story comes to us from Boise, Idaho, and the CenturyLink Arena.  This is the home of the Steelheads, a minor league hockey team and the Idaho Stampede of the NBA D League. It also hosts concerts.  Not surprisingly, they sell beer there.  Small beers for $4, large beers for $7.  Not very much unusual or instructive there.  One night at a game, two fans bought one of each size beer and, as fans sometimes do, tried to figure out if they were better off buying big beers or small beers.  As it turned out, although the $4 and $7 cup were different in appearance and shape, they held exactly the same amount of beer.  You can watch the video below to see it for yourself.  When confronted with this, the arena said they’d ordered the wrong size cups.  They’ll have a chance to prove that in court since the fans are now suing them.

The business points are pretty obvious.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to put the arena’s bottom line ahead of honesty with its customers.  They can’t really have thought that no one would figure this out, could they?  As we’ve said quite a few times here, happy customers will sometimes tell someone else but unhappy customers almost always will, and loudly.  As I’m writing this the video has almost 560,000 views and the story has been picked up by major news outlets.

What has the arena done to correct the problem?  Why they bought new cups, of course, and said they’re sorry.  Except in so doing they tried to pull another fast one since there is still better value in the small cups. Forty-eight ounces of beer costs $14 if you purchase two large beers or $12 if you purchase three regular beers.  The management thinks fans can’t do math.

To stay in business we can’t treat our fans as morons.  We can’t try to pull “a fast one.”  We need to provide excellent value for their money and treat them with respect.  That’s not so hard, is it?

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Kranz (Wreath) of Kölsch

One of the things that we pass over during Passover is beer.  The whole yeast thing makes it a no-no and frankly, I miss it.  Sure, it’s only been a few days now and I probably would not have quaffed any during this time anyway, but the thought that I couldn’t makes me want it even more so I have beer on the brain.  That seemed an appropriate theme for our Foodie Fun Friday post.

No, not beer on the brain but the stuff most of us drink and call beer.  If you go into most bars outside of most big cities you’re lucky to find much beyond the Bud/Miller/Coors family.  As my friend Mongrel likes to remind me, that stuff isn’t beer, which is supposed to have substance, flavor, and other things not generally found in mass-produced offerings.  Yet, most of us settle for what we realize, once we’ve had the real thing, is a pale (no pun intended) imitation of true brew.  Which, of course, is the business lesson.

We can’t settle for what passes for something in name only.  A customer service call which is a telephone chat with a customer but in which no assistance is given nor problems solved.  An analysis which is a regurgitation of facts and data but which doesn’t edit them into a coherent whole.  A manager who doesn’t manage people or situations.   You get the point.

Enjoy a cold one this weekend – I’ll catch up to you next week.

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Got P.O.D.?

Every bar has beer. No, not all of them stock exactly the same mix, but one can generally get something cold, frosty and satisfying in any local watering hole. Same with other beverages one can find. Lots of the same bottles sitting on shelves behind the bar no matter where you go.

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 20:  Six packs and single ...

Yet people have very specific preferences when talking about why they choose Bar A over Bar B. Why would that be when the primary products that draw customers – booze! – is identical? Continue reading

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