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Kranz (Wreath) of Kölsch

One of the things that we pass over during Passover is beer.  The whole yeast thing makes it a no-no and frankly, I miss it.  Sure, it’s only been a few days now and I probably would not have quaffed any during this time anyway, but the thought that I couldn’t makes me want it even more so I have beer on the brain.  That seemed an appropriate theme for our Foodie Fun Friday post.

No, not beer on the brain but the stuff most of us drink and call beer.  If you go into most bars outside of most big cities you’re lucky to find much beyond the Bud/Miller/Coors family.  As my friend Mongrel likes to remind me, that stuff isn’t beer, which is supposed to have substance, flavor, and other things not generally found in mass-produced offerings.  Yet, most of us settle for what we realize, once we’ve had the real thing, is a pale (no pun intended) imitation of true brew.  Which, of course, is the business lesson.

We can’t settle for what passes for something in name only.  A customer service call which is a telephone chat with a customer but in which no assistance is given nor problems solved.  An analysis which is a regurgitation of facts and data but which doesn’t edit them into a coherent whole.  A manager who doesn’t manage people or situations.   You get the point.

Enjoy a cold one this weekend – I’ll catch up to you next week.

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