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Posts of The Year – 2

Continuing our look back at the top posts of 2009 is today’s post from April.  I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve gone to Myrtle that they tried this place and loved it.  I’ve heard from others that they appreciated the basic business lessons Ted demonstrates each day.  Hope you have the chance to get to the restaurant and even if you don’t I hope you learn from Ted.  Enjoy! Continue reading

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Burnt Ends

Barbecue beef brisket

We usually end the week with a food post and I’m in the mood to fire up the smoker so let’s talk about burnt ends.  No, this has nothing to do with you standing too close to the pit but everything to do with fat, flavor, and fun.  You probably don’t think they have much to do with business, but you know I’ll find a way, right? Continue reading

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Mr. Fish

I’m pretty sure I’ve explained my theory that many of the really great food places in this country are not very fancy.  Actually, my friends would tell you I regularly use another term, ending in “hole”, to describe them.   Sonny Bryan’s, Arthur Bryant’s, Dreamland – all great BBQ places, all decoratively challenged (I love euphemisms). Continue reading

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