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The Rules of the Road

Stop sign used in various countries. The shape...

How many near disasters have you had on the road lately? I’ve had a few although from chatting with friends it sounds as if not as many as some. But I’ve seen a few accidents of late as well as a dozen more near misses and I’m pretty sure I know why these things are occurring. It’s reflective of other things going on away from the road too. Continue reading

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Held Up Without A Gun

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

I’ve been holding this post until today since it’s food related and we try to do food on Fridays. The Springsteen-based title is in honor of taking the family to see him tomorrow night but it’s applicable to the subject at hand. My friend Mongrel is of Italian descent and revels in what he calls the “underlying criminal mindset” of the entire country. I think he’s typically hyperbolic about that but a couple of food incidents sort of have me believing it. Continue reading


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