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I have a confession to make.  I took the morning off to play golf before the horrible weather hit since it doesn’t sound as if we’ll be able to play this weekend at all.  There was nothing on the calendar; no one is awaiting any input from me.  I shouldn’t feel guilty about it especially since my boss was fine with it (oh wait…).

As it turns out, it was one of the best things I could have done for my spirit and I want to talk about that today instead of food.  I realize that food can be spiritually uplifting as well but let me explain.

I made a hole in one.  For a golfer, it doesn’t get any better.  It’s perfection.  It was foggy and I didn’t actually see it go it – we all heard it hit the flagstick and when we got to the green the ball was in the cup.  I screamed like a little kid at Christmas who just got the one thing they really wanted.  I’ve never had one before despite thousands of attempts.  It was sublime.

When I stopped shaking, I got to thinking.  How can you top that?  I played really well the rest of the round but nothing came close to achieving the perfection of that one shot.  Even the really good shots seemed a bit incomplete.

That’s kind of what we all do each day, isn’t it?  Sometimes we achieve some form of perfection – a new customer buys at the asking price; we get a laudatory note from a partner or a boss.  That momentary high is something that, once experienced, we all try to recapture.  For me, it was always less about the monetary rewards than about that euphoria of accomplishment.  Doing well wasn’t the same as being perfect and that was what kept, and keeps, pushing me to continue trying and to do better.  I was fortunate to work with a lot of folks who felt the same way over the years and the group process of trying to get to that pinnacle was really a great way to spend each work day.

So today, I achieved perfection.  And I can’t wait to try again.  How’d you do?

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