New Carts

I received an email from the pro at the golf club yesterday which was sent to the entire membership.  Not that I was planning on it, but he informed us that if we wanted to play golf today we’d have to walk the course since carts would not be available.  It seems we’re getting new ones.  That’s not a bad thing – some of the old ones had issues and you would occasionally find one stranded on a cart path where it had died mid-round.  But it isn’t really a good thing either, since maybe the focus should be on things like getting some sand in the bunkers so they’re playable or even filling the ball washers now that season has officially begun and there is a lot of mud on the course.  I know – great having me as a member, right?  But it’s  good business lesson (which, after all, is what these clubs are!).

Lots of businesses fall into the trap of being focused on the highly visible stuff while ignoring the more important but less public.  In this case, everyone who comes to the club immediately sees the golf carts – they need to be in good condition and clean.  Unless you play golf badly, you don’t see the sand traps from the inside.  But even great golfers end up there sometimes and there is nothing more frustrating than finding little sand in them.  Even worse is when you find a thin veneer of sand that’s been compacted down.  You see, under the rules you can’t test the condition of the sand before you play so you actually don’t know how bad it is until after you try to hit your shot.

As a consumer, I’m less concerned with cosmetics than I am with core.  You get a sense of this when you hear iPhone consumers complain about ATT’s network.  What good is all the cool apps if the core – the network – won’t work?  I don’t care how comfortable the seats are in a movie theater if the projector delivers a dim picture.  A beautiful restaurant with terrible service won’t see me back.

Thoughts?  What core issues concern you at the moment?

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