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Friday means a food post and what could be more about food than taste? Taste is the lens through which we encounter a chef’s work. It goes along with the qualities of sight, smell and “mouth-feel” in determining whether or not we like a dish. It’s also an important thing to remember as we live our business lives.

Different people experience food through different lenses of taste. Some folks have really discerning palates, others can’t get past salty or sweet. Aside from universal agreement on some tastes (no one really likes something that’s been burned so badly it’s charred throughout, do they?), you can find folks who will eat almost anything and like it. Moreover, our tastes change. I didn’t eat beets for years – didn’t like them. Now, I’m a big fan. One of my kids used to slurp down eggs by the dozen; she can barely stand to be in the same room with them now.

I try to remember the differences in those taste lenses as I approach things in business. While something may appear wrong or right and obviously so to me, others may be interpreting it differently. Someone may like or dislike what they’re tasting, but it’s what THEY’RE tasting. My take may be close but it’s probably not identical.

I guess this is my way of reminding us all to keep open minds and understand that while most of the time a group will agree on if something is salty or sweet, there are often those who will find something else in the flavor and it’s important to acknowledge that point of view even if you can’t taste it yourself. Maybe that person’s taste buds are working better than are yours today.

And now, breakfast! What’s on your plate today?

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