No One Cares

Self-portrait of Joseph Ducreux

You might think I’m feeling unloved this morning from the title of this post.  Far from it, but thanks for reacting that way.  Instead of a statement of depression, futility, or anger, the title is actually something that we all need to remember as businesspeople.  It’s more about humility.  Pretty Zen for a Monday, huh?So here it is:  Nobody cares about what you’re selling.  Your job as a salesperson or a marketer or as a manager is to get them to care.  Yes, as a manager.  You manager types don’t think you’re selling?  Ha!  You sell your troops everything from the reason you’re worthy of their respect and dedication all the way to management’s new benefit plan.  But that’s another post.

People listen to your spiels with one thing in mind:  what’s in it for me?  How are you solving their problem?  Why are you the best solution?  Your customers first buy you and then they buy the benefits you offer.  If you think they’re sitting around wanting to meet you or hear about your company, you’re delusional.  They’re focused on their problems just as you are on yours.

And another thing.  When someone decides not to buy your product, it’s generally NOT because “they’re too stupid.”  That’s true in a B2C or a B2B situation.  In the latter, unless they’re the CEO’s son or niece, they’re probably in their position for a reason and stupidity probably isn’t that reason.  By the way, the position they’re in sits in between you and their company’s checkbook, so maybe you should think about why they’re not understanding. Whether you’re selling to consumers or to businesses, it is never the job of the customer to get your message.   Your job is to understand the reason why they’d want your product and to present ideas that will help them.  It is always your fault if your pitch does not work.  Remember:  no one cares!

Too pessimistic or does that about cover it?

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One response to “No One Cares

  1. Well said.

    Mad Men’s latest installment covered this very well as young Campbell is bypassed for a promotion by the other guy who made his customers feel they need not worry, he was delivering what they wanted along with peace of mind.

    On a related note did you see the new massive survey that concludes that most <17 yr olds believe lying and cheating is required to get ahead in life? yikes. This is 5x larger than 50 year old's in similar survey. Can you today if 5X more U.S. org leaders lied and cheated?!

    Good luck to our children.

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