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It’s Not About You

There were a lot of great messages that came out of yesterday.  I’ll skip the overtly political ones in favor of a great business lesson of which I was reminded.

As President Obama was speaking to the luncheon after his inauguration, he said to a room filled with enormous egos (hey – why would you think you ought to be elected without one?) that “today is not about me.”  Really?  Who, then?  But you know what he means – it’s about the people.

That’s the business lesson.  It’s not about you.  It’s about your customers, your clients, your partners.  That has to be your focus 24/7 if you’re going to have, and to continue to have, success.

One of the reasons I’m a big fan of Italian food is that it’s an entire cuisine devoted to getting out of the way of the food.  Get great ingredients, put them together, and get out of the way.  French food, on the other hand, seems to be all about the chef.  It’s way to egocentric for my palate.

Is your business about you?  Are you so focused on yourself and your skills (techniques to a chef!) that you’re in the way of great results?

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Testing 1 2 3

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To the list of historic firsts today I would like to add another.  No, it’s not as important as the obvious history that will be made but I think it can be seen as an historic moment nonetheless.  You see today, Inauguration Day, is the first day of a new Presidency but it’s also the first great test of channel preferences. Continue reading

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Last week was actually Dr. King‘s birthday but since we’re celebrating it today I thought I’d add my two cents. I’m old enough to remember him and while he didn’t light the fire of the civil rights movement in the US (I’d say Rosa Parks is that hero), he certainly brought the fire to life and tended it well until his assassination (and I remember that as well – how horrible a day it was!). Continue reading

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The QB’s

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I know I don’t usually post on the weekend but a thought just hit me and it will be less relevant on Monday.  Well, not less relevant but less timely!

The NFL Conference Championship games this weekend are interesting from a business perspective, at least to me.  The two conferences set up a Super Bowl that will feature a young QB from the AFC vs. an older one from the NFL.  The Championship games remove that element (OK, less so in the AFC – Ben has a bit more experience) from the mix.  I’ve always felt that the advantage the older QB’s have in experience – reading coverages, adjusting on the field – outweighs the physical advantages the younger guys have – beating you with arm strength and speed.

What do you think?  AFC or NFC?  Experience vs.  strength?  Natch, this old guy thinks experience wins most of the time!  I make the same choice in business – give me experience and smarts.  Enjoy the games!

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Six Degrees


6 degrees.  That’s what the thermometer is reading as I write this.  For my friends in Canada, that’s -14C.  I know that’s almost a balmy afternoon for you, but for this son of New York, it’s the coldest we’ve been in a few years.  The bitter cold that has been working its way east has arrived and I could be less happy only if they banned golf forever. Of course, I also find business lessons in the cold. Continue reading

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I have an aversion to reading reports. Weird, right? I’ve written before about how much I read every day and those who’ve worked  with me know that I’m constantly wanting to discuss tidbits of information I’ve found someplace to see if they could move our business forward.  But those tidbits aren’t reports – they’re usually from the web or print publications.  Really useful reports are hard to find and I have a theory as to why. Continue reading


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Winning From Losing

I love this!  Honda has been doing a series of web videos about various topics.  They’re short, well-produced, and fascinating.  I am very fond of one of their latest batch, which is all about not being afraid to fail and the lessons learned from failure. Continue reading


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