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Yes, This Is Redundant

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We’ve had this chat before, folks.  Sometimes I make oblique political references as I make the point I’m about to repeat; sometimes I just throw it up there as a friendly reminder.  Today, I’d like to have your full attention because the more I think about it, this one issue is at the root of so much of what’s going on around us these days.

You ready?

I’m begging you: don’t believe everything you read or hear without doing some fact checking if the point being made is important to you.  Here’s another example of why. Continue reading

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Getting Fitted

A friend of mine sent some of us in our golf group a photo of some clubs he is thinking of buying.  The clubs were displayed with a sale price and his caption was “better golf through MasterCard?”  It’s a common thought among golfers – I’ll just buy a better game.  As one who is constantly in search of that elusive improvement, I’ve stood in many a golf superstore and felt exactly the same way.Better golf through tech

As it turns out, the advice I gave him isn’t bad advice for business.  You see, I’ve worked with companies who thought they could buy their way to a better game too.  Let me share with you what I told my friend and I think you’ll see how it applies to the companies as well. Continue reading

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Warning Shots

A Coast Guard painting depicts a warning shot ...

According to Wikipedia, the term “warning shot (in nautical terms, often called a shot across the bow) is a harmless artillery shot or gunshot intended to call attention and demand some action.”  We get them in business too but you’d be surprised how often people aren’t paying attention.  What’s less surprising is how often the warning shot is followed by the real thing – something that sinks your business boat.  In fact, the echoes of some recent shots can still be heard – real fusillade to follow.  Let me give you a few examples: Continue reading

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