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Familiarity And Contempt

If you’re looking to buy stuff, it’s a great time to make new friends. For example, there was an offer by my cable provider to those who use another service for cable to be a “triple playcustomer (TV, internet, and VOIP) for $70 a month. Considering that I play more than double that just for TV, it seems like a pretty good deal, right?

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Not for me it isn’t. I’m a current customer and, therefore, not eligible for that rate.  I’m not singling out the cable company – they’re hardly the only firm that makes more attractive business deals available to folks with whom they aren’t currently doing business.  Wireless carriers, financial services (Free stock trades!  Better interest rates!  Shiny toasters!), magazines and others often treat their new flames better than they do those to whom they’ve been “married” for years.  So on this Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded that maybe that familiarity leads to some contempt and maybe divorce? Continue reading

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Digesting Super Sunday

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I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad that the Super Bowl now gets played in February. I mean, every month should have an outstanding food day. President’s Day? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day? Maybe for some. But seriously – almost every other month has a holiday associated with a big food blow-out and now February does too. Yippee!
So what does this have to do with business? Continue reading

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The wife and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day since we’ve been married for 30+ years and we’ve been dating for several years longer.  It sounds like a simple excuse to avoid yet another gift buying panic but we really try and celebrate that every day, pr as many days as we can in between discussions of misplaced dirty laundry and needed home repairs.  But I don’t hold anything against those of you that do, which, apparently is quite a few.

Sortprice, which regularly tracks user visits and searches during major holiday shopping periods to gauge consumer trends, compiled a top ten list of the most popular products being viewed on the site. The data was collected starting in late January through February 8th and they equate it to the most popular gifts being purchased for valentines Day.  They are:

  • Canon Power Shot SD970 IS
  • Ugg Classic Short Boot
  • iPod Touch
  • Kama Sutra Bath Gels and Oils
  • Guess Handbags
  • Bulova Diamond Women’s Watches
  • Weleda Body Oils
  • Betsey Johnson Necklaces
  • Philips Norelco Men’s Razors and Grooming Kits
  • Armani Acqua di Gio Men’s Fragrance

The first thing I notice is how the bulk of these are for women.  Tossing out the camera and iTouch as gender neutral, two of the remaining eight are for men.  I think we know what’s going on here:  guilt!

The second thing I notice is that two of these products are oils.  Kama Sutra gel?   I retract my previous statement.

The third thing I notice is that while the female gifts are accessories, the male gifts are for the guys to clean up their acts.  Gifts or threats, ladies?

What did you give or get for Valentine’s Day?  Anything on this list?

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