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I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad that the Super Bowl now gets played in February. I mean, every month should have an outstanding food day. President’s Day? I don’t think so. Valentine’s Day? Maybe for some. But seriously – almost every other month has a holiday associated with a big food blow-out and now February does too. Yippee!
So what does this have to do with business?

A lot, if your business is football or food or just about anything else.  The Super Bowl is unlike any other sporting event from just about any perspective.  It’s watched by more people and is even covered by media people who wouldn’t know an H-back from Preparation H.  Hundreds of marketers, both authorized and unauthorized, try to tie in with “The Big Game” (for you ambushers) whether they’re selling food, TV‘s, or anything else along the durable to non-durable scale.

The media goes nuts too.  Think about any media you’ve consumed in the last 24 hours.  Can you call it out as a Super Bowl-free zone?  Probably not.  Everyone has their take on how the game affects their particular focus.  My focus today (and every Friday) is food and every food site has Super Bowl party menus.  I remember watching the very first game and it was in a party setting – our family had been invited over to a neighbor’s home to watch the new AFL/NFL championship.  Right out of the box, this felt like a different, special, event.  After all, there were no World Series parties, and other than the odd championship boxing match (on free TV, thank you very much), people didn’t get together to celebrate and watch a sporting event.

Lots of “days” drive business.  Obviously, Christmas is the biggest.  There are seasons that do so too – Back To School, etc.  But from my perspective no religious or “Hallmark” holiday stops the country the way Sunday’s game will, and no other holiday is tied in to a TV event.  As you watch it (and you will!), take a step back and think about what a transformative marketing event you’re experiencing.  I mean – people actually pay attention to (and look forward to) all the ads!

I’ll be at a party.  Will you?  Who do you like to win?

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