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Flying Over The Forest

We were talking about using data on a call this morning and someone was trying to make a point that I thought you all might find of interest.  It’s the same sort of issue that arises when I talk to my clients about Twitter and web analytics – that of dealing with an overwhelming amount of information.  I’m sure you’ve had to deal with that if you work in digital or marketing or both.  What might be a little different is my advice about all that data:  ignore it. Continue reading

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The Forest And The Trees


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We went to the movies over the weekend and saw “Unknown.”  It’s an interesting film in many ways although it won’t be up for Best Picture next year.  Like me, it’s entertaining for the most part!

I bring this up because there’s a great visual at one point.  Imagine yourself in a forest (birch trees in the movie) and you’re walking.  The trees are somewhat impenetrable – a solid wall with very few gaps in between.  As you move forward, suddenly the trees line up – they’re in perfect rows.  You realize that you’re actually in a forest which has been planted by man and what seemed so impenetrable a moment before was, in fact, very accommodating as long as you found the point where everything lines up.  Isn’t that an executive’s job? Continue reading

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The One About Trees

Autumn Trees

We live in the woods. OK, so not in a tent but our property is surrounded by lots of trees. Some of them are a hundred feet tall, others are relatively small. We’ve planted some but most were here when we bought the place 25 years ago.

Over that time, you get to know them. No, not on a personal level, but you know their natural cycles, you notice when one is losing leaves or has lost a branch in a storm. You worry about certain ones falling on the house.  They provide everything from background noise in the wind to shade in the summer.  And today, they got me thinking while  I watched hundreds of leaves doing their autumnal dance as they fell in the wind. Continue reading

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