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Where Ya Been?

Those of you who subscribe to this blog feed may have noticed a rare period of quiet over the last couple of days.  Yes, I took a little bit of battery recharge time and didn’t post.  As it turned out, the lack of connectivity (I don’t travel with a wireless hot spot) and focus on things other than business (I try to practice what I preach) for a bit caused the gap.  But I’m back now.  Miss me?

I was away with the golf group about which I’ve written before.  As they do each year, everyone’s thoughts turned to the following year’s trip.  I thought we might try something different next year and rent a house rather than a series of condos.  So I was happy to see an email this morning from one of the agencies I’ve used before to rent a place.  Let’s plan next year with this year’s concerns fresh in our minds! What happened next – not so much. Continue reading

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Some Brilliant Marketing And A Favor

A close-up of the shrine's torii

My neighbor and her family left this morning for Japan. What’s interesting about that is that her son is going for 10 days and bringing no luggage. Nothing checked, nothing carried on. In the process, besides finding a brilliant way to avoid all the nasty fees airlines are imposing these days, he’s raising awareness and money for a cause he supports. What’s making it possible is some brilliant marketing and as I tell you about it I’m going to ask for some help. Continue reading


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Spirit Does It Again!

from the window of Spirit Air DTW to LAX

I wrote about Spirit Air‘s “our way or the highway” hijinks last year around this time.  While in this post I spoke about the airline’s death by a thousand cuts mentality (maybe “death” and “airline” aren’t good in the same sentence), Spirit has taken things to a new low and I’m betting that this is the final straw in many consumers’ minds. Continue reading

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People, People

Postcard image of :en:Douglas DC-7 in :en:Delt...
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Sometimes things do work out well.  For me, a long-planned vacation is going to happen thanks to someone at Delta Air Lines. For you, this will be the last post on my airline miles!

The business lessons we can take away from the Missing Miles incident won’t go away and the fundamental one is something I’ve written about over and over: don’t confuse the technology with the business. In the case of Delta, their smart business skills overcame their not so smart use of technology. Continue reading

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Delta Deux

Delta Air Lines' flagship, the Boeing 777-200LR.
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Thank you all for the encouraging mails and tweets yesterday after reading the post on my saga with Delta Air Lines. A few things happened yesterday and while the situation isn’t resolved, some progress was made. At the same time, as I found a few more ways to interact with Delta, I had a few more thoughts appended to my thinking on their customer care efforts. Continue reading

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Delta Air Lines 767-332(ER) N194DN
Image by caribb via Flickr

This is going to be a post of a different sort.  There are so many things to discuss, it may even end up being more than one post.  Well, depending on how it all turns out, it may be an entire series.  First, the facts, then the business points, then my plea to each of you. Continue reading


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