Some Brilliant Marketing And A Favor

A close-up of the shrine's torii

My neighbor and her family left this morning for Japan. What’s interesting about that is that her son is going for 10 days and bringing no luggage. Nothing checked, nothing carried on. In the process, besides finding a brilliant way to avoid all the nasty fees airlines are imposing these days, he’s raising awareness and money for a cause he supports. What’s making it possible is some brilliant marketing and as I tell you about it I’m going to ask for some help.
Actually, I’ll let Matt (her son) tell you about it:

I’m about to go on a 10 day trip to Japan as part of a No Baggage Challenge for Charity. The trip is being partially sponsored by the travel clothing Scottevest & I’m traveling with no bags at all. Scottevest will be making a $1500 donation to Students for a Free Tibet for me to blog the trip.

Scottevest is also upping their donation substantially if the YouTube videos I post get over 10,000 views.

I’ll post the packing video below but this is a great example of how marketing should be done today. A consumer engaged the company, the company was smart enough to realize that for a few hundred dollars worth of product (probably less than they spend in a day of search marketing) and a donation they can use the viral effects of social media to grow product awareness and demonstrate how effective and useful their gear is.

Matt blogs at HuffPo and he’s already published a piece about this. Cost to Scottevest? Nothing additional. Not only has Matt tweeted about this but so have a number of his followers (and obviously I’m amplifying for him now).  Scottevest is on the hook for the charitable donation (deductible) but the value received for this marketing cost is disproportionately high.  I’m already wondering if I should buy one of their jackets (although I do wonder what it must be like at the security check in – “is that some underwear in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”).

Kudos to Scottevest for brilliant marketing and the same to Matt for using the opportunity to raise awareness and money for something he cares about passionately.  Great stuff!

And now the favor.  One of Matt’s videos is below – please watch it and click through to see his others (links below as well).  It costs you very little and can be a big help.  And when you’re done, let me know what you think!

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2 responses to “Some Brilliant Marketing And A Favor

  1. Radar

    This is incredible. Have it bookmarked so I can help with the views. I knew I packed too much for my trips before….but this shows me how little you need to travel. Much success to Matt on his adventure!

    • Thanks for that – and pass the video on! The more the merrier. It really is amazing how little we really need to schlep around. I mean, how many people carry shampoo and a hair dryer on every trip when almost every hotel room has them?

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