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Grown-Up Supervision

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I’m sure you read about the change of command at Google last week.  The CEO stepped aside (is it down or up?) to let one of the founders run the company again.  That’s not particularly unusual in the business world.  Except that it’s Google. Aside from the fact that it’s a huge company with major impact on just about everything digital, there was something in the aftermath of the announcement that caught my eye and raised a point I’d like to share. Continue reading

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Just The Facts, Ma’am

Men in Hats

If you’ve spent any time around ad agencies and/or media sales people, inevitably the subject of process automation comes up. Many agencies are living in fear of Google on a lot of levels, in part because the big guys don’t do search and search’s high accountability calls a lot of other media decisions into question.   One other factor is the automation of the whole buying and selling process and that’s today’s topic. Continue reading

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Value Added

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When you go to a restaurant, they don’t charge you only for the cost of the ingredients used in preparing whatever it is you’re eating. In addition, you’re paying for the preparation of those ingredients, the people who serve you and see that you’re comfortable, the building itself, and a profit margin. What you’re really paying for is the value added by the kitchen staff to those ingredients and the rest of the staff in serving them. Continue reading

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