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Fuzzy Honesty

The ongoing power outage at Rancho Deluxe is pretty damn inconvenient but seems to be a boon to subject creation here on the screed.  A couple of things happened since the last post which I’d like to share.  One is smart business, one is not.  The first comes from a restaurant here in town and I’ll publish it tomorrow as our Foodie Friday Fun post.  We don’t normally pop out to eat on Wednesday nights but after I tell you about what we found, we just might do so more often.  The second comes from our friends at Connecticut Light & Power, our local electricity provider.  I think they’re doing many good things in dealing with this crisis – here’s one not so good thing. Continue reading

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Not So Spry

Yesterday, I had one of those nasty experiences that teach us a lot about good business practices. The story I’m about to tell you doesn’t contain much in the way of news but it does serve to remind us all about a few areas of best practices.

I use Spry to host my web site and my company mail. I access my mail via Thunderbird, Gmail, or my Blackberry depending on where I am and on what computer.  When things became, as they say in the movies, “quiet…too quiet”, I dug a little deeper. Continue reading

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