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Entitled People Aren’t Great Executives

There is a story this morning in USA Today about frequent fliers and how courtesy in the skies is a long-gone thing. It really sounded very familiar – someone on a plane behaving as if it is their own private jet instead of shared space. It came on the heels of another post yesterday on a local blog here about people who park in handicapped spaces without stickers. This blog had written the day prior about people “reserving” sections of our local beach even though there are clear rules against it.  The Mrs. calls it the “rules don’t apply to me” attitude and views it as a safety issue.  After all, how often do you see someone driving while on the phone or looking down at their phone to text as they roll through a stop sign?  We see it a lot.
So what does this have to do with business, you ask? It has to do with a entitled mindset and THAT, dear readers, has a lot to do with business success – or lack thereof! Continue reading

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The Big Lie

A note to start.  This is the third time I’m rewriting this piece.  The first draft was written after watching a news piece on the phone hacking by the News of the World criminals in London.  After calming down and rereading it, I thought that the numerous obscenities that spewed as I wrote it should be deleted.  Please don’t take that as a lack of passion on the subject.  This third time is after a night’s sleep and a little more thought.

You’ve probably heard about the hacking scandal going on in England.  No, this one isn’t about terrorists trying to steal defense secrets nor criminals going after bank accounts.  It’s “reporters” from a Murdoch-owned paper hacking into the voice mails of celebrities and others.  In the most notorious incident of late, these morons deleted voice mails of a murder victim as the box filled up so they could try to get more material.  This gave false hope to the young girl’s family that she might still be alive and who knows what it did to the investigation as they deleted evidence.  The report on this evening’s news had News Corp promising a “full investigation” and that’s what has me so exorcised at the moment since it’s a huge business point in my mind. Continue reading


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Training Wheels

Mario Batali, American chef and restaurateur.

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Let’s end the week on a food note, shall we?  I know – just like every other Friday.  The sort of big news around my town this week is that Mario Batali is opening a place here.  Due to some funky zoning regulations, our town’s culinary scene hasn’t really kept up with towns around us so this is terrific news.  I’m sure you’ve all seen Mario on TV even if you haven’t eaten at one of his many excellent restaurants.  What you might not know is that his route to that success was kind of different and that’s today’s business thought. Continue reading

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