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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.   Some folks think it’s ridiculous although I’m not sure why.  These tend to be the same folks that are wondering why it’s so cold when “global warming” is supposed to be heating up the planet (see “What’s Your Name”).  In any event, since we have days to show our appreciation for Administrative Assistants, the UN, and a Groundhog, I think it’s probably OK to show a little love to the planet on which we live. Continue reading

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What’s Your Name?

It’s important what we call stuff.   Anyone who has tried to name a product or a company knows how critical that decision can be.  What if “New Coke” had been called something else and had become a brand extension rather than a point of comparison?  Political groups get this too.  “Right To Life” sounds more positive than does “anti-abortion”. Continue reading


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