What’s Your Name?

It’s important what we call stuff.   Anyone who has tried to name a product or a company knows how critical that decision can be.  What if “New Coke” had been called something else and had become a brand extension rather than a point of comparison?  Political groups get this too.  “Right To Life” sounds more positive than does “anti-abortion”.

I’m thinking about this as Winter is slowing fading away because this Winter was so weird.  Lots more snow on many more days than usual.  Snow in South Carolina.  Tornadoes at a strange time of year.  And although my desire to get on the golf course is making me and everyone around me fairly miserable, it seems as if the cold temperatures are not going away by the dates they do usually.  “Huh,” one might think, “so much for global warming.”  But that’s entirely my point.

How about we all agree to call whatever is going on with the weather “climate change” instead of “global warming”?  Lots of people see that the weather is weird but when the winter seems colder or there’s snow in Florida, they don’t see the warming.  Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that it’s all one phenomenon caused by a disruption of our environment especially when they’re freezing their butts off and it’s called “warming.”

Notice how many articles now reference your “mobile device” and not your “cell phone“?  Excellent name change that represents what these things have become – little computers with voice capability, not phones with other stuff like cameras and browsers built in.  If it walks like a duck and quacks, call it a duck, not a large-billed chicken that swims.

Climate change isn’t going away and, unless we address it, will only become more severe.  For folks to take it seriously, especially in the dead of Winter, we need to call it what it is.

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2 responses to “What’s Your Name?

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  2. It’s a good point, and that’s why the UN decided to stop calling it global warming a while back.

    Of course, the skeptics just love the idea of the name changing, because it sounds like the environmental movement backing down.

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