Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.   Some folks think it’s ridiculous although I’m not sure why.  These tend to be the same folks that are wondering why it’s so cold when “global warming” is supposed to be heating up the planet (see “What’s Your Name”).  In any event, since we have days to show our appreciation for Administrative Assistants, the UN, and a Groundhog, I think it’s probably OK to show a little love to the planet on which we live.We need to do more than just talk about our appreciation so here are a few very simple things you can and should do starting today to help show the love.

  • Use reusable bags when you go to the store.   Our town has passed a law that outlaws supermarkets handing out plastic bags but that’s a baby step.   Buy some of those big, heavy, reusable bags, keep them in your car, and take them with you to the store.   They’re usually about a buck each and most stores give you a 5 or 10 cent credit per bag when you use them.
  • Turn off the PC at night. I’m horrible about this since that’s when I back things up but I’m going to try and do it more often.  TV’s, DVD players, and phone chargers too.  Saves a lot of dough and if you want to save more, unplug them as well.
  • I’ve written before about buying locally grown food.  It tastes better and it’s better for the planet.  Quit whining that something you want is out of season locally and you need to buy it from a farmer 3,5000 miles away – try something new.  And the bottled water thing – buy a reusable bottle for water, coffee or whatever.  Plastic bottles and cups add up and moving water from the bottling plant to you is inefficient.
  • Recycle your newspapers and magazines.

Enjoy Earth Day – if we all do some of the above, we’ll have many more.  What are you doing to help?

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One response to “Earth Day

  1. Thanks for this post Keith,

    I’m totally inline with you on buying local (and organic)… most people don’t consider how spending their consumer dollars account for much more impact on their lives than who they vote for…


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