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Joined At The Hip

Vegetables (and some fruit) for sale on a stre...

Suppose you went to the supermarket today to buy some vegetables but when you went to pay you were told you had to buy soda as well.  The store manager (who you demanded to see, of course) calmly lets you know that the store doesn’t make enough margin on vegetable sales alone while they make a ton on soda so they’ve bundled them together.  It’s a financial decision, and the fact that you don’t really drink much soda isn’t their problem.  They won’t sell you one without the other.  Ridiculous?  Maybe for groceries.  But you’ve been doing this for years. Continue reading

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What You Got Is Gone

The current logo of Fox Television

Like many (OK – MOST) of my neighbors, I woke up Saturday morning without several TV channels available to me.  I’m sure you’ve read about the dispute between Fox and Cablevision over what the distributor is going to pay the programming service.  It’s not the first (we lost Food Network over the holidays for a bit) or the last dispute of this sort and I’m not going to take sides.

Instead, I want to raise something this dispute got me thinking about.  High-def TV. Continue reading

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It’s Friday, so back to my favorite topic: food! Today is the release of the Julie/Julia movie and I, for one, can’t wait to see it.  Before the Food Network, before the plethora of cooking shows, there was Julia Child in color but first in perfect black and white teaching us how to cook. She was the second Julia in my culinary life.

The first was my friend T’s mom, Julia, in whose kitchen I spent many hours waiting for T to wake up or get dressed. Her teaching, along with the TV Julia, ignited a life-long passion for food and cooking. Taught me about business too! Continue reading

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