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Pissed At Packets

Robert Irvine

It’s Friday!  We’ve made it to the end of yet another snowy week so let’s turn to food.  One of the sillier (in my opinion) shows on The Food Network is Dinner Impossible.  It’s a race against the clock to shop for, cook, and serve a dinner under “impossible” time or other constraints.  If it’s so impossible, how come they do it every episode?!?!?

In any event, this week I stumbled upon it (something else must have been in commercial) just as they were shopping.  Part of the silliness is the inclusion of inexperienced or amateur cooks to help.  One ingredient the chef desired was grits and they only had the instant kind at the market.  The chef had sent an amateur to do the shopping, who called him to approve their purchase (which he did) and they moved on to cooking.  That’s when we got the business reminder! Continue reading

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