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The Echo Chamber

One of the biggest dangers faced by any business is not financial in nature.  It’s lurking out there in good times and bad.  It’s insidious  – so much so that often the business doesn’t realize it’s in trouble until there’s a major shock to their operating system:  a financial crisis, the departure of significant staff members, or the defection of several major client.  These are some of the dangers of The Echo Chamber. Continue reading

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Where’s Moe?

Moe Howard

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“What’s that for? I didn’t do nuthin’!” “That’s in case ya do and I’m not around!”
Larry and Moe (HOI POLLOI, 1935)

One of the things I do as a consultant is to provide experience to inexperienced professionals.  Generally, these are people who don’t have a lot of years in business or a lot of years in the particular business in which they now find themselves.  In a few words, I’m the grown-up. Continue reading

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There’s a story about Mickey MantleWhen he was asked what kind of salary he would get as a Yankee in the modern era, Mantle’s response was that he’d go to George Steinbrenner and say “Howdy, Partner.” Continue reading

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