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Where Ya Been?

Those of you who subscribe to this blog feed may have noticed a rare period of quiet over the last couple of days.  Yes, I took a little bit of battery recharge time and didn’t post.  As it turned out, the lack of connectivity (I don’t travel with a wireless hot spot) and focus on things other than business (I try to practice what I preach) for a bit caused the gap.  But I’m back now.  Miss me?

I was away with the golf group about which I’ve written before.  As they do each year, everyone’s thoughts turned to the following year’s trip.  I thought we might try something different next year and rent a house rather than a series of condos.  So I was happy to see an email this morning from one of the agencies I’ve used before to rent a place.  Let’s plan next year with this year’s concerns fresh in our minds! What happened next – not so much. Continue reading

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Peruvian Food

I was dining last night with some of the boys and the subject of eating Peruvian food came up.  Of course, since today is Friday, I thought this would be a perfect topic for Foodie Friday fun.  It happens to be one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, but, unsurprisingly, my buddies were focused on one element of it in particular.

“Don’t they eat guinea pigs there?” someone asked?  “Yeah, and beef hearts too, right?”  Well, it’s not really material to me what’s considered normal cuisine down Peru way, but the business point that they make just might be and I’d love your input.  Here’s my thinking. Continue reading

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A roll of punched tape

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When I was in high school, I learned BASIC programming.  We connected to a mainframe computer someplace by using a phone coupler and dialing in.  There was no monitor; every interaction with the computer was typed on a long sheet of paper.  Programs were written and submitted via punch-tape.  I know – ancient history.  But some of what I learned is applicable today and I want to discuss on bit of logic coders use all the time which has business implications (or might even be a best-practice): the “if-then” statement. Continue reading

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