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Real Friends

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

I’m sure you’ve reconnected with some old friends via digital media. Seems like every on-line service – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, you name it – wants to rummage through your address book or biography to hook you back up with those folks to whom you were once connected so that no good embarrassing moment goes unremembered.
I’ve connected with some of my peeps that I’ve known since we were single digits old. People with whom I spent nearly every waking hour – in school, at college, even at old jobs. At there’s one thing I notice almost every time that we start to reengage and I think it’s something from which businesses can learn. Continue reading

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Free Isn’t The Problem

There’s a big discussion raging in the digital content world. It’s all about content, pay walls, and unworkable business models. I think of it as a “doh” moment for a lot of companies but in many ways it’s an out growth of our own stupidity. Has “free” killed the content business or has the folks running the content business killed the free model? Let’s discuss. Continue reading

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A Day Off

A child sleeping.

It’s another Monday and I’m sure everyone is feverishly assaulting the work week already. I’m with you – it’s going to be busy today and the rest of the week. But maybe I did something you didn’t recently and that may make a difference in how we fare the rest of the week. Not a bad management lesson as well. Continue reading

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Jelly Beans

These are my Jelly Belly jelly beans, and you ...

It’s Friday, so let’s start with something food-related.  As you can tell from the title, today it’s jelly beans.  Generally, these little balls of fun show up around Easter and sit in a dish until they get stale or melt together into an amorphous,  flavored ball.  However, if you worked with me over the last 20 years, you’d have found something quite different – food and today’s business thought. Continue reading

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No Manual

Pong Owner's Manual - Page 2

Sometimes stuff breaks.  Sometimes something just behaves differently and you really are at a loss as to why.  Much of the time in my house that was computer-related and the girls learned early on an acronym that became the first line of defense:  RTFM.  Read The Freaking Manual.  Much of the time, that solved the problem, whether PC-, TV-, or car-related.  It’s even easier to do that today since even though we lose manuals they’re almost always available on-line. It’s sort of the same in business except when it’s not. Continue reading

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Monkey Mind

Monkey ;).

We were talking the other morning on the golf course about settling our minds.  One of the folks with whom I play will often stand over a shot for 20 seconds (I’m not exaggerating) before starting his swing.  I asked him, as we rode around, what was going through his mind.  He just grinned and shook his head and said “I don’t even know – it all comes so fast.”

I know exactly what he meant.  My friends have, from time to time, called me “Sybil” on the golf course after the book and movie about a woman who has multiple personalities – she hears lots of different voices in her head.  The reality is that both my playing partner and I have monkey minds and there’s the business lesson. Continue reading

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Winning Fair

I’m really sorry the World Cup is over. It’s amazing to me how the intensity of the event starts out at a high level and just keep growing, reaching its apex during the final, as it did yesterday. Two sides determined to win at all costs and bring home glory. Ah, competition!
Any yet, in every World Cup game we get a business lesson when someone gets hurt. Continue reading

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