It’s Friday and I’m writing this on a blackberry so I’m going to be briefer than usual. I will, however, have a food-related thought. We were talking at a business dinner last evening about the best dishes we ever ate (and no, it wasn’t triggered by the TV show). My dish involves foie gras (and we’re not going to have the discussion on the ethics of that stuff now) and someone said “oh, I love foie gras but it’s so bad for you.”

At another point, similar language was used about a failed relationship: “I loved her but it was totally toxic and bad for me so we broke up.” That, of course, got me thinking about business.

There are people working on teams with folks they love but are killing them. They’re bad for you and they’re relatively easy to spot. They criticize without the balance of praise. They are always ready to lighten the mood with a joke but never ready with their piece of a project. You probably know someone like this but hopefully not.

As a manager, your biggest responsibility is the health of your team just as you, as an individual, are responsible for not eating the stuff that’s bad very much no matter how much you love it. Everyone has a bad day – that’s the odd occasion during which you indulge in the bad stuff. But a steady diet of bad food – or bad people- no matter how much they’re loved can be fatal.

What’s on your love/bad food list?

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