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Snowfall on trees, Germany

We had our first big dump of the season here over the weekend. I’m not a fan of snow or winter in general but putting aside my general disdain for the lack of golf and hazardous driving snow brings, it is kind of pretty.
As I was watching it fall Saturday night, I recalled the old saw about no two flakes being alike. While this is apparently not the case, it make me think of something as we wind down the year. Continue reading

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Mug shot of Paris Hilton.

Celebrity endorsement has taken center stage with all that’s going on in Tiger’s world these days.  When you use a celebrity (or a sports league for that matter) in your marketing, what you’re really doing is borrowing brand equity.  That’s why I find what this article points to as so confusing:  why would anyone in the right mind want to associate themselves with this train-wreck? Continue reading

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The Top of The Coaster

Roller coaster

You know the feeling – the slow ride up the ramp while the chain clacks along. Generally it’s a nice view as you get to the top – you’re enjoying the scenery and the nice smooth ride and then…well…you get to the top. It seems as if everything stops for a brief moment as you tip forward and realize, in that last moment of clarity, what my cousin said to me our first time on Space Mountain over 35 years ago: I think we’re going to die. Continue reading

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Snake Oil

The Twitter fail whale error message.

Social Media is crap.” That’s how I started a discussion at the Princeton Sports Symposium a couple of weeks ago. Of course, what I meant was that there is a focus on the tools of social by many businesses and a lack of understanding of the business reasons why anyone would be using these tools to further their business goals. I am happy, therefore to see that I’m not the only one seeing that, nor am I the only one who sees a bunch of charlatans masquerading as business experts in this space. Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season

Happy Business Call

I’m sure you’ve been doing your holiday shopping, either on-line or in that ever so retro mode of going from store to store in person. I’m kind of a last minute person although now that we’re getting into the “last day for free shipping” window I’m getting more focused. The Mrs. has been at it fast and furious as well and she had an experience over the weekend which reminded me of a very basic business lesson that often gets forgotten during the holiday crunch time. Continue reading


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Random Notes

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

Some random thoughts to end the week. You can tell I’m feeling lazy since I stole the title from Rolling Stone.  I’ve kept some of these rattling around in the back of my brain for a bit hoping they’d emerge into full-blown posts. Alas, they’re more notions than full ideas – seeds that haven’t quite bloomed yet. Continue reading

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Top Chef

A food post and it’s not Friday?  What happened?  Well, the Top Chef finale aired last night and of course I have a few thoughts.  Not just on the food either since there was something that stuck me about last night and, in fact, the entire season that is a great lesson for people in business.  It’s something I’ve noticed about younger people in general and since most of the competitors are under age 30 I’m hoping that it’s indicative of how this generation thinks. Continue reading

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