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The Spread

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Like many of you, I spent part of yesterday watching the action in the NFL. It’s a great product on the field most of the time and when it’s not, as in the case of a blow-out game, it has another factor working in its favor which maintains many peoples’ interest until the final gun. While my friends at the NFL don’t like to talk about it much, that factor is the spread.  Continue reading

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Get Real

Friday! Food! What could be better? You know, that all seems very over-caffeinated, doesn’t it? Or maybe over-sugared. Of course, based on what’s on the front of the cereal box, at least I’m protected from a ton of illnesses since cereal boosts my immune system.  I mean, I see a government approved label right here that says this is a Smart Choice – I see it on all kind of good stuff like Froot Loops and Cocoa Puffs.  Right? Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Sight

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My nieces changed their profile names on Facebook.  As I understand it, this isn’t some new form of teenage rebellion – dissociating themselves from their parents by changing their names – but a tactic that many kids are employing to make it harder for them to be found by admissions officers, potential employers, and others whom they might not want looking at their profiles.   Given that we live in an age of “open, discoverable, and transparent,” this is kind of counter-intuitive.  Or maybe not. Continue reading

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Mad As Hell


I watch TV news a bit. Local stuff, national stuff, the left, the right, and the ones that try to play it dead center. You know what comes across louder than almost anything else? People are angry. Fed up. Ready to bring down their righteous wrath on just about anyone and anything these days. I get it. Been there, did that, got the shirt, amigos. And I think that while it’s profoundly unsettling in many ways, I think it can also work to everyone’s benefit. Continue reading

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Did you ever play a musical instrument?  If you did when you were a kid, inevitably you ended up in the band or the orchestra or in a group music lesson.  What was striking to me in that environment was how we were all playing the same notes (mostly) using the same instrument but getting really different results.  I’m not talking about the kids who couldn’t play the piece.  Even during tuning you could hear the differences between us.  Some sounded great while others were awful.  Same instrument, same notes.  The difference?  Ah, that’s the subject of today’s screed. Continue reading

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No One Cares

Self-portrait of Joseph Ducreux

You might think I’m feeling unloved this morning from the title of this post.  Far from it, but thanks for reacting that way.  Instead of a statement of depression, futility, or anger, the title is actually something that we all need to remember as businesspeople.  It’s more about humility.  Pretty Zen for a Monday, huh? Continue reading

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