Character Guys

This was a big sports weekend.  Baseball playoffs going (let’s go Yankees), the NFL is heating up, NASCAR is halfway through its championship series of races, college football is getting interesting (Michigan wins it all in 2010 – you’ll see!), The President’s Cup was contested (and was closer than the results would have you think), the US qualified for The World Cup, and the NHL is back in action.  As I was watching almost all of the aforementioned sporting activity (now you know why I work in sports!), I got to thinking about one guy who is common to each of those teams.  Nope, not the fan, although we OUGHT to be front and center on each of them.  I have another guy in mind.

He’s what’s commonly known as a “character guy.”  He may be a lesser athlete than many of his peers but he has no peer when it comes to the intangibles every team needs to function at its peak.  Take this quote from NHL player Danny Briere:

“He’s a great character guy,” Briere said. “He is one of those guys, the kind of a player you need. He brings grit. He’s a heart-and-soul player who will do anything for his teammates.

“He can play tough, he can fight if he needs to, and he plays his heart out every night. He is going to be a big player for our team. It might not show on a score sheet, but he can bring a lot to our team.”

Look around your team.  Who are the character guys that may not be the smartest or most creative or funniest but who work their butts off and set a tone for the rest of the group when it comes to determination?  If there aren’t any, are you the one setting that kind of an example?

Sometimes, we’re better off finding a lesser athlete but a better person who can lead in other, very significant ways.  Got any?

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