Where’s The Beef?

Clock in Kings Cross railway station

I can hear you holding your collective breath: where is today’s post? In all candor, I’m tapped out. I got nothing. Call in the reliever. It’s not as if there isn’t anything going on (with a reminder that we avoid politics). There is a new study on who clicks on online ads (fewer people than a year ago and only 8% of Internet users now account for 85% of all clicks). I have thoughts on that but there’s already been a lot written on the topic so I don’t think I have much to add.  Then again, that may be a lesson in and of itself.How many meetings do you go to that are spent listening to one great thought and 10 others spending 3 minutes each confirming what a great thought it was?  They’re adding nothing to the conversation but are making themselves feel better by “contributing” to the meeting.  What they’re doing is wasting time.

There is a story out about how reviewers on Yelp award four or five stars 69 percent of the time.  Is this because the unhappy diners don’t bother to write?  Is it by design?  This piece discusses it but in my mind, it means that they’re a waste of time since if you are great or if you suck you’ll pretty much get the same reward.

We’re all too time-challenged to waste time.  So I’m ending this piece here in the spirit of only proving ‘the beef” and not just bun.  Now quit wasting time!

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