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Thinking Differently

Apple used the slogan in its advertising “think different” years ago.  Over time, I think we all can appreciate how that mantra, perhaps grammatically incorrect or perhaps not,  has come to be reality in the types of products produced by Apple.  I’ve always admired that much of what Apple produces isn’t original per se – there were mp3 players before the iPod, for example – but Apple manages to take a product sector as it evolves, marry it to better technology, and change everything.

What has me babbling like an Apple fanboy this morning?  A piece of research on TV‘s of course, and a thought about how some research points to the need to think out of the box. Continue reading

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Kate the Desktop Computer

Image by Gino Carteciano via Flickr

I have seen the future and it’s disconnected! From what? From the wall, from the wire, and maybe from you if you’re a content creator who’s not thinking ahead. I used to write this on my desktop PC; today I’m writing it on my laptop; tomorrow, I could be writing it on a tablet or my phone (which I do sometimes now in a pinch). Fortunately for me, the CMS I use (WordPress) has versions optimized for each device. It’s not quite so easy, however, if you’re producing content rather than software, especially video content, and that’s going to be a critical fix on your “to do” list if it’s not already. Continue reading

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It’s A Dessert Topping! It’s A Floor Wax!

I read an article the other morning and it made me think of the old SNL skit for Shimmer Floor Wax.  If you don’t know it you can watch the skit by clicking this link (I tried to embed it but good luck getting certain video providers to work nicely with WordPress). You might remember it – is new Shimmer a floor wax or a dessert topping?  As with the article, it turns out to be both. Continue reading

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Management World

Image via Wikipedia

I’m wondering if any of you have had the opportunity to play the new XBox game built on business? “Management World” didn’t seem as if it would be that interesting but after having played it for several hours, I think it might be my game of the year right behind “Tiger Woods Golf”. Continue reading

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XBox Redux

Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase

I used to be a die-hard Playstation guy.  I spent many a happy hour on both the original and the PS2.  I had both an original XBox and a 360 and while I liked them, I haven’t really been in deep love.  It was kind of an ugly duckling – it had some potential but it was not really there.  I’m not a big fan of the controller (maybe I’m not the demo but they’re too damn complex for me) and while I signed up for XBox Live I never saw great benefit in it.  Until now. Continue reading

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