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No One Cares About How

grill na Malarach

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The start of a long weekend and time for a little food-related thinking. After all, what better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than firing up the grill and eating to excess?
Grilling is one of those food preparation methods that seems ridiculously simple but can be very challenging to perfect. In fact, I was thinking this morning about how a lot of the great food we eat seems so simple but can require hours of complicated prep to produce great results. The funny thing is that the response we often hear is “That’s pretty good,” not “I really like the way they moved the seared meat over indirect heat to generate a smoke ring while keeping it moist.”  The diners usually appreciate how it tastes without any thought as to how it’s made.  This, of course triggered a business thought I’d like to share. Continue reading

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The Meat-off

An uncooked rib roast
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It’s Friday and that, in my book, spells food!

Someone with knowledge of my love of things meat-related sent me this link to a Paul Lukas piece on meat. Specifically, he runs his own little bracket tournament by placing various cuts of specific proteins into an “eat-off” to determine the final four best cuts. Specifically, the winners of the beef region, the pork region, the sausage region, and something called the “Meatscellaneous Region” face off. Continue reading


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