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Here Is A Great Lesson On Conversing

I use this space to complain from time to time (I know, you hadn’t noticed).  One of the targets of my screed is PR folks who send out emails requesting I interview and write about whatever person they’re pushing even if those people have nothing to do with what I write about.  In just the last few days (based on what I can find in my Trash folder), I’ve received offers to write (along with a press release and interview contact information) about a new system that eliminates fat cells in problem areas, without surgery or downtime, with the use of high intensity, focused ultrasound waves.  I got another from a press guy who has a client that’s a businessperson who believes that today’s tough economy may just be the best thing that’s happened to America in a long time (we’re focusing less on things and more on faith).  Others come from an email address that is supposed to be a person but is signed by “account #6” (oops).  There are several others.

Which is why this note was so refreshing (and why I’m giving them some props). Continue reading

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What’s The Rush?

We don’t do politics in this space but sometimes we find lessons for business in things that happen in that other world (OK, more like a different universe). You might have heard about the Sherrod disaster that’s played itself out over the last little bit. Basically, some video was taken out of context and made to appear as if a USDA employee had made racist statements when, in fact, she hadn’t at all. The media jumped on the story and eventually she was fired. Of course, as the real facts emerged, lots of people were embarrassed, including the media, the NAACP, the White House, and others. And all because they rushed. Continue reading

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