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Same Old Same Old?

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I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  Or maybe I do.  See, lots of folks seem very disturbed by the fact that they’re doing the same old thing in new and different ways.  Sort of like when you get a new TV and the remote is different.  You’re doing the same old thing but in a different way.

“Get to the point, bozo.”  Right.  Radio’s the point today, the oldest of our broadcast media. It’s changing more than the others.  But it’s still the same. Continue reading

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Set It Free!

Another late post, I know. It’s this pesky business of trying to do some work. I particularly like it when the work is the stuff I do for free. Yep. I think everyone should have at least one pro-bono account in their roster and I’m drinking my own Kool-Aid on that.

My client is in the process of building and launching a new website. This has been fun – a white sheet of paper, SEO built in from the ground up, lots of open minds (OK, maybe that’s not your idea of fun but I’m digging it). But the real fun is yet to begin since we’re just starting to populate the site with information.

“Where is this all going to come from?”, she wondered on our call. That’s when we talked about a pretty significant paradigm shift she, like most people in digital, was going to have to make.

I told her she had to stop thinking of the site as hers or her organization’s. Instead, realize that it belongs to your community – your users, your members, and those who you want to become part of either of those two groups.  We went on to talk about link-building, guest-blogging, and how “viral” doesn’t mean vaccinations.

The important thing here is all businesses have to embrace the Chinese proverb on setting things we love free to see if they return.  By opening up your site to the conversations, you don’t lose control – you gain engagement.


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You’re Afraid Of…What?

Change is a bogeyman.  Change is, in many peoples’ eyes, a circle of Hell even Dante couldn’t fathom.   Business models are crumbling.  For years, the print business thought of advertising as gravy because the subscription revenue was so lucrative.  Charge for the content – what people will pay for it covers the cost of distribution.  Things were going along quite well.  Until they changed. Oh yeah – it gets better

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