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Legalized Discrimination

I work with a number of startup companies, as I’ve mentioned before. There are a whole host of issues that these newbies face but one they don’t, if they’re digital, is the same sort of access to their potential audiences as is enjoyed by their much larger, entrenched competition. The reason for this is an underlying principle of the Internet which is that all traffic – those little packets of information that carry data, pictures, sound, etc. – is handled equally, both by the “backbone” companies responsible for transport and by your Internet Service Provider. You know – the folks (or folks, if you have a cable provider that provides internet access and a wireless company) to whom you send a check each month in return for the ability to send cat videos to your friends.

The reason for this post is to call your attention to the increasingly loud noises out of DC about giving those ISPs the ability to discriminate. Three years ago, John Oliver did a fantastic job of explaining why this issue is important and last Friday night, he did so again. Why did he need to? Because rules that were put in place to protect everyone are being changed.

Suppose you watch those cat videos on three different video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, and a startup called CatVideosRule. You notice that the first two are crystal clear and in full high-def, while the last takes forever to load, buffers a lot, and isn’t very clear. It’s likely that the reason for that isn’t that the startup is using bad technology but that your ISP is prioritizing traffic. Maybe they are getting fees from YouTube and Vimeo. Maybe they don’t like cat videos and are slowing down the startup. The reason doesn’t matter. What does is that it’s discrimination and it’s going to be legal. In my mind, once ISPs get to pick and choose, it’s not a big step for them to begin censoring the content as well. You know: if you want to be on our network at full speed you will not criticize us, etc.

The new head of the FCC is suggesting that we just ask the ISPs to promise they’ll play nice. These are the same ISPs that promised you 50MB speed and deliver 30MB with no fee adjustment or apology. We are already seeing some services become “zero-rated”, which means that using them doesn’t count against any data plan you may have. It’s bad enough that the ISPs are boosting their own services at the expense of others. Legalizing another form of discrimination could be the death knell of one of the things that have fostered the dynamic, disruptive growth of our digital world. Do you agree? Are you following this story?

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I’m Back!

Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break 2007 33
Image by Curtis and Eric via Flickr

Going away for a few days has a number of benefits. You clear your head, you reconnect with friends, and you find out that sleep is NOT overrated! What’s different about going away now is that many of us are so caught up in our digital lives that we hardly ever take a step back and look at them since they move so fast.
I had that chance. the condo in which we were staying had no WiFi access so my communication was limited to email via Blackberry. Most web sites are not yet optimized for mobile access (get that on your “to-do” lists, folks) and the 3G network access was off and on. Using a dial-in connection just isn’t feasible since most sites routinely ignore their page weight – with so much broadband access out there, why not?
So I didn’t use my RSS reader and mostly stayed off Twitter and LinkedIn. Nope, I want to tune out a bit and here is what I think I figured out. Continue reading

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An Aston Martin DB5 as seen in Goldfinger.

Image via Wikipedia

I love a good thriller.  There is something about the Bond movies, the Bourne books, and others of that ilk that make us fearful yet happy all at the same time.  Inevitably, these books and movies are about a serious situation that threatens a large number of people and involves a lot of money.  The really scary thing is that we had a real one of these recently and it’s going to make a terrific piece even though no one gets shot. Continue reading

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You’re Afraid Of…What?

Change is a bogeyman.  Change is, in many peoples’ eyes, a circle of Hell even Dante couldn’t fathom.   Business models are crumbling.  For years, the print business thought of advertising as gravy because the subscription revenue was so lucrative.  Charge for the content – what people will pay for it covers the cost of distribution.  Things were going along quite well.  Until they changed. Oh yeah – it gets better

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