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Check The Radar

Brightness can indicate reflectivity as in thi...

As the weekend wound down, we thought grilling some food would be a nice way to end the day.  It was a great afternoon – the sun was out, hot but not too steamy – so off we went to the store to get provisions.  A few hours later, it was time to start the meal and that’s when I checked the radar as I always do when getting ready to fire up the grill.  Not good.  Although the sun was shining, in the 20 minutes it would take the coals to get hot , the sunshine was going to turn liquid.  We moved the cooking indoors. Continue reading

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Braggin’ Rights

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This is going to be one of those posts that might make you yawn or scratch your head or both.   However, if you’ll try and stick with me for a bit, maybe it will make you think a bit as well. Continue reading

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Here, Bremsstrahlung is produced by an electro...
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I have an aversion to reading reports. Weird, right? I’ve written before about how much I read every day and those who’ve worked  with me know that I’m constantly wanting to discuss tidbits of information I’ve found someplace to see if they could move our business forward.  But those tidbits aren’t reports – they’re usually from the web or print publications.  Really useful reports are hard to find and I have a theory as to why. Continue reading


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