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Reaping What We Sow

Finally Friday, and that means something food-related.  This week, you might have passed over the article on NYC’s Monkey Bar in the NY Times.  You can read it if you click through here.  In any event, it provided a pretty good business lesson for today’s screed.

This joint has been around for 75 years.  Luminaries such as Tennessee Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Helen Hayes and others helped to build its reputation.  It was taken over in 2009 by an ownership group that was focused on glitz and exclusivity and were quite successful taking that route.  For a time.  Now, not so much. Continue reading

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The Same But Not

Shellfish paella.

As we head into Labor Day weekend, my thoughts turn to food (OK, so I could make that statement about the 364 other days too – got me…) and since it’s Friday I want to share something that’s rattling around in my head.  I’m not sure if there’s a business thought connected to it or not, but since it’s a day off from work on Monday maybe I can give us all a day off from my wacky business connections.  Or not! Continue reading

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