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Spam Buddies

Spam 2

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Everyone has different kinds of friends.  Work pals, sorority sisters, roommates, golf friends. Each plays a different role in our lives and some of the recent changes both in Facebook and Google+ reflect that – the notion of sharing different things with different audiences.

Lately I’ve found I have an entirely new class of friends:  spam buddies, and today’s topic is a cross between venting and asking you all how we might combat this.  I’m also of the opinion that it’s going to get worse based on the changes we’re seeing in Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.  But let’s see what you think. Continue reading


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Unless you’re in a cave someplace or have abandoned it for Google+, you’ve probably noticed that Facebook did an overhaul last night.  I logged in this morning and while I’ll admit I’m not the brightest guy in the world, I was thoroughly confused.  Many of the new features are clearly designed to compete with things found on Google+ and Twitter, such as circles.  For those of you struggling to make sense of the new layout, Gizmodo did a nice job color-coding everything in a cheat sheet.

I’m a believer in continuous improvement.  I’m not a believer in keeping up with the Joneses.  Here’s why. Continue reading


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