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Top Posts Of 2010 #1

As has become my custom, I’m going to repost a few of the more widely read posts from this past year.  What’s interesting, at least to me, is if what I wrote at the time is still relevant or is the post just indicative of a bad night’s sleep.

Today’s post was one of the top two in terms of reads.  I suspect that in part it has to do with an SEO quirk – people searching for Stripes or Sgt. Hulka – but hopefully it has something to do with the topic as well.  As I read it again my feelings about the subject haven’t changed a bit.  In fact, as the year went on, they only intensified.  Let’s see how you feel. Continue reading

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Snow Day

Hope you guys are all safe at home and reading all the great books like this
you got for the holidays. That’s where I am and today will be spent catching up on reading, bookkeeping (hate the end of the fiscal year), and killing genetic mutants in a video game
Then again, given the 18 or so inches of snow we’ve received in the last 18 hours, I don’t think there is much else I can do today.   Maybe that shovel thing but frankly I’d rather clean out the drives of some old computers and tighten up the network here at the world headquarters.

No business points today – we can all use a little R&R I think.  I’d love to hear about your holiday, the gifts you got, the food you ate.   Or not – we can all use a day or five off, right?  I’ll be posting some “best of” this week so I’m not exactly off.  Check back when you can!

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A christmas tree.

It’s Christmas Eve tonight, one of the big events on the Christian calendar. This, of course, got me thinking about faith. No, we’re not going to get into religion in this space – we avoid it as we do politics (didn’t anyone ever teach you those aren’t topics for polite conversation?). Instead, I want to tackle faith from a business perspective (and just maybe you’ll extend it elsewhere). Continue reading

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