Top Posts Of 2010 #1

As has become my custom, I’m going to repost a few of the more widely read posts from this past year.  What’s interesting, at least to me, is if what I wrote at the time is still relevant or is the post just indicative of a bad night’s sleep.

Today’s post was one of the top two in terms of reads.  I suspect that in part it has to do with an SEO quirk – people searching for Stripes or Sgt. Hulka – but hopefully it has something to do with the topic as well.  As I read it again my feelings about the subject haven’t changed a bit.  In fact, as the year went on, they only intensified.  Let’s see how you feel.

The post was called “Your Big Toe“.

I was thinking about this quote this morning:

An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe. And Sergeant Hulka isn’t always gonna be here to be that big toe for us. I think that we owe a big round of applause to our newest, bestest buddy, and big toe… Sergeant Hulka.

OK, it’s really the tail end of a speech and you’ve all probably seen Stripes enough times to recite it yourself, but for some reason it popped into my head and I wanted to pop it into yours.big toe love

We’d all fall over without them, and I don’t mean the ones on our feet. I mean the folks who provide the stability in our lives. The subordinates who make us look good, the friends who pick us up when we’re down, the loved ones who hug us until we feel better. Heck, as long as we’re appreciating appendages, let’s send some love to the bosses that recognize we have lives beyond work, dreams that work make possible, and treat us like humans, not employees.

So today’s brief note is nothing profound, just a thank you to all the big toes in my life and some encouragement to you to do the same to yours.

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