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I’m sure you’ve reconnected with some old friends via digital media. Seems like every on-line service – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, you name it – wants to rummage through your address book or biography to hook you back up with those folks to whom you were once connected so that no good embarrassing moment goes unremembered.
I’ve connected with some of my peeps that I’ve known since we were single digits old. People with whom I spent nearly every waking hour – in school, at college, even at old jobs. At there’s one thing I notice almost every time that we start to reengage and I think it’s something from which businesses can learn.

What I mean is that there’s always a feeling of comfortable familiarity that’s really soothing in most cases.  It’s almost as if we can pick up the conversation right where we left it 15 or 20 or 35 years ago.  Have you noticed that?  It’s kind of weird but aside from less hair and a few pounds, most of the face to face meetings are great and the virtual ones are just as good (at least until the photos show up!).  So what’s the business lesson?

If you’re running a business that feeling of familiarity is important to you.  For example – I don’t go visit the guy who sells tires every week or even once a year but when I do go, the customer experience is the same and that familiarity helps me know I’m not going to get ripped off since I’m just picking up the good connection we had before.  The barber is an old friend; we don’t talk every day but when we do, it’s like we never stopped chatting.   You don’t want customers: you want old friends with whom you can pick up whenever they’re ready.  No one understands this better than Anheuser Busch who will tell you that “making friends is our business”, not “selling beer”.

Reconnected with any friends lately?  What are you doing to make new ones and find old ones?

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