How It’s Made

One of my favorite Canadian imports – besides hockey and Neil Young – is a quirky show called “How It’s Made.” You can see it on The Science Channel. Basically it shows you how lots of things both common and uncommon are created. Because today is Foodie Friday, and the Fourth of July, I’m embedding the clip on how hot dogs are made:

Yummy!  You can find lots of clips on the show’s site.

But I’ll also ask you to think about a business question – do you have any sense of how the things your business produces are made?  I mean, how well do you really understand the people and processes that are responsible for your economic health?  I always felt like I should know enough about each person’s job so that I could provide guidance by asking good questions.  That doesn’t mean I could, or wanted to, do their jobs.  But I could do mine, which was to help them do theirs.

But enough business – on to a great holiday weekend!

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