The Boob Tube

TV camera

If you’ve spent any time reading this blog you’re probably aware that I have a “thing” for golf. Actually, it’s the same sort of “thing” that assorted rocks stars have for illegal substances – a full-blown addiction. Before you offer, I’m not looking for cures or support groups – thanks for trying to help.

I recently had the experience of having my swing videotaped and analyzed. It was really humbling but it was also a great business lesson.
I’ve been playing fairly well – striking the ball solidly, scoring respectably and I thought that I must be doing a few things better. Good results should come from good fundamentals, right?

Ha! One look at side-by-side front and side views of my swing and I realized that I’ve been lucky to hit the ball at all. My address position was awful – slumped and rounded. My back-swing was so off-plane that I’m lucky I didn’t hit my playing partners. I have a loop at the top and I throw my hands so far outside it’s laughable. And those are just the things I can see. A pro’s advice might involve taking up tennis.

We need to do the same thing with our businesses.  I got a look at myself from the outside – it wasn’t what I could feel or what I thought was going on.  It was a cold, hard, truthful look at the catastrophe that is my golf swing.  The boob tube made a boob out of me!

How can you do the same thing to your organization?  That’s a tough call.  Some folks bring in outsiders such as me.  Others have peer review.  But no matter what method you choose, having that look from time to time is important, especially when things are going well.  As I found out, the results might be good and it might feel like things are in order, but the inherent flaws become obvious when you step back and take “feel” out of the equation.

I know what needs work to step up my game.  Do you?  How do you get your business’ swing checked?  I’d love to know!

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