Learning to Ride

Road bike
Image by richardmasoner via Flickr

I’ve taught a couple of children how to ride a bicycle.  Maybe you have as well or maybe you can remember learning to ride yourself.  It’s a pretty complex thing – balance, speed, and a bunch of other things have to be dealt with if we’re going to avoid the trip to the medicine cabinet.  It’s really about courage at first – can I DO this – and then about trust after you make that first long run yourself (OK, it’s sort of about stopping during that first run!).

Amazing, isn’t it?  Here is this complicated action which is something that, once you’ve learned it, you execute without thinking for the most part.  Same thing with driving (and I wish sometimes that more people  would think!) and definitely true about your golf swing.  So why do complicated business decisions often paralyze us?

At some point, you need to trust your swing and you need to trust your decision-making.  Too many of us second-guess ourselves when what we should be doing is keeping our heads up, our eyes on the road, and trusting that what got us here is going to keep working to process the information we’re gathering.  Why focus on mechanics when it’s the road surface we need to worry about?

How are your riding skills?  Where is your focus?  Are you trusting your swing in business or are you thinking your way through yet another mis-hit?

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