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What a week!  Meetings disrupted, things rescheduled and more snow on the way.  Fortunately, in the near term it’s Friday so we can celebrate another installment of Foodie Friday Fun.  In all candor, at this point I’d take a Monday in May right now over a weekend with snow in the forecast.

The second half of the quick-fire challenge on Top Chef last week was interesting.  Having succeeded at cutting fish to Le Bernardin‘s supremely high standards, the winners were asked to cook using the waste materials.  That, of course sparked a business thought. Continue reading


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Cooks Vs. Bakers

Seaman Mark Andaya prepares fresh rolls for th...

Maybe this is an idea for yet another reality show, but it’s a thought I have to end the week on a foodie theme.  I know – we need more competitive cooking shows about as much as we need more political ads on TV but I had this thought which of course also relates to business.

Cooks vs. Bakers.  That’s the thought.  I think you’re really one or the other and that’s both inside and outside of the kitchen.  Here’s why it might be an interesting competition and what it has to do with your office life. Continue reading

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Brain Surgery

Emeril Lagasse, American celebrity chef, resta...

Friday at last, and with it some food-related thinking. There’s a new study out from the Harris folks which, in their words says that

Amateur chef shows abound and huge numbers watch, thinking – “Wow that looks easy. I could probably do that as well.” But how many Americans actually watch these programs? And just who are there favorite TV chefs?

I think the results give us a business thought as well.  But then again, don’t I always find those thoughts in weird places? Continue reading

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Top Chef

A food post and it’s not Friday?  What happened?  Well, the Top Chef finale aired last night and of course I have a few thoughts.  Not just on the food either since there was something that stuck me about last night and, in fact, the entire season that is a great lesson for people in business.  It’s something I’ve noticed about younger people in general and since most of the competitors are under age 30 I’m hoping that it’s indicative of how this generation thinks. Continue reading

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Top Chef

Last night was the finale of Top Chef. If you’re watching the show but didn’t catch last night’s program, quit reading because the rest of this post is about the business lessons we can learn from the winners and losers and you might not know who they are yet. But for those of you who do know (or don’t care), there are a few important takeaways from how the judging went down. The three finalists – Carla, Hosea, and Stefan – were dramatically different personalities and it was those personalities as much as their cooking skills that determined the outcome. Continue reading

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