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The Buffet Line

Official seal of Las Vegas

It’s Friday so we’ll start with food, and having just been in Las Vegas, it’s an easy topic to discuss.  I think Vegas might be the second-best food city in the country in many ways (behind only NYC, of course).  I’ll qualify that by stating that one needs a pretty hefty bankroll to take full advantage of the best of what’s available there, but let’s put that aside for a moment.

Every top practitioner of damn near every cuisine in the world has a restaurant in town.  It’s an all-star aggregation, really, and not even New York has as many top chefs (where NYC kills Vegas is in hundreds of high quality ethic dining experiences as well as food carts).  Yet with all this quality (and not all of it is expensive) around, you see them lined up at the casino buffets, eating unlimited amounts of food in between blackjack sessions.  How does this relate to work? Continue reading

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