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Giving Back

I’m speaking today at the Princeton Sports Symposium.  I’ve been asked on to a panel about digital media (don’t worry – I’ll read about it on the drive down).  Over the years, I’ve tried to share what knowledge I have with pretty much everyone but I really like to share with younger folks.  I’ve taught courses at the post-graduate level as well as spoken to several university programs as a guest speaker.  The topics have changed over the years but what hasn’t changed is the rush I get in learning from the students.  They don’t see the world through the same jaded eyes that most of we “experienced professionals” do.  They ask the kind of questions as we all ought to be asking on a regular basis – minimal preconceptions, maximum open minds.  They get me thinking as much as I try and get them doing the same.

Whether it’s speaking at any place that will have you or just doing as many courtesy interviews as your schedule will allow, this form of giving back is actually pretty selfish, in my book.  I always get a lot more than I give in so many ways.  You should try it some time!

I apologize for the brief post.  Hey – use the time to interview some young person – you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn.

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The Issues

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I know I keep writing that this screed isn’t about politics but you have to admit that politics is front and center right now and will be for the next 5 weeks.  Then, hopefully, it will go back to being somewhat innocuous, sort of like the really ugly thing your kid made that you have to display but, as my Italian friends say “non troppo” – not too much.  Fortunately, the politics of late give us a number of business lessons (you knew I’d get there). Continue reading

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