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Stand There And Sing

Did you watch the Grammy Awards last night?  There were some remarkable performances and of course I took away a business point from a few of them.  Actually, the point first occurred to me a week or two ago as I watched Adele perform on an episode of Live From The Artists Den.  She was in a small venue, accompanied by just a pianist and an acoustic guitar.  No frills, just a young woman, some basic support, and her voice.  It was remarkable.

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Watching her again last evening, as well as the moving tribute to Whitney Houston by Jennifer Hudson, the business point hit me again so I’d like to share it this morning. Continue reading

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All the prep work for tomorrow’s holiday is in full swing here at Rancho Deluxe.  The turkey stock is made (no pan drippings when you fry them, bubba), shopping is done, silver is polished, and we figured out that we can use an old set of Colorforms shapes as stickers on wine glasses to identify everyone’s drinks  without spending a fortune on those cute little charms.  It’s a lot of work that the Mrs. and I do each year and we’re happy to do so.  Having the 25 or so family members and friends around the table (more like around the room) for dinner is a highlight of the year.  Which of course got me thinking about a business point. Continue reading

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