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Unfeelings MOMS

Mom out on the town

I read with great interest this piece on a new media buying and planning system developed by Microsoft and Interpublic.  The Media Operations Management System, or MOMS for short, is supposed to it would “re-invent” the way Interpublic agencies and clients plan and buy their media.  As we all know, I’m all in favor of using technology to make our lives easier.  However, I wonder if this is really an advance. Continue reading

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Cost Isn’t Value

I read something this morning which I find to be disturbing. It’s a quote from Michael Roth, the Chairman of Interpublic. I’ll get to the quote in a second but the reason why I find it disturbing is that it reveals a fundamental flaw in the media world. It’s not something that’s new but it has had a negative impact for many years and that impact is only increasing. Continue reading

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